Policy Platforms of the Green Party of Ontario, Ontario Liberal Party, Ontario NDP and Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Please note: additional commitment may be announced during the course of the election by each Party. Updates to this page will reflect such announcements if and when they occur.

Where Do They Stand?

• Phase out Ontario Health Premium Tax
• Raising the personal tax exemption to $11,000
• Introduce legislation and policies that reduce worker's overtime
• Introduce legislation to establish 6 new provincial holidays
• Divert 75% of all money budgeted for new highway construction until 2012 to public transit
• Provide Ontarians in the lowest 75th percentile of income an additional health care allowance of $1,000 per person
• Legislate full and open disclosure of public-private partnerships for future health care facilities
• Create incentives for the establishment of community-based
non-profit long-term care facilities to displace profit as the prime motivator in long-term care facilities
• Expand the mandate of Community Care Access Centres to include monitoring, support and funding of informal caregivers, compensated at minimum wage, providing assisted daily living in the home
• Stop the provincial claw-back of the National Child Benefit Supplement
• Introduce legislation to index Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program payments to the rate of inflation
• Adjust OW and ODSP shelter allowances to reflect average local rents as defined by CMHC

• Provide $10 to prepare schools to deliver IBI therapy on-site for the first time, a step forward made possible by scrapping the age-six limit for children with autism
• Join with financial institutions to create a new program to help low-income Ontarians build equity and save for a home, their children's education, or to start their own business
• Upload the full cost of both the Ontario Disability Support Program and the Ontario Drug Benefit over 4 years, relieving over $900 million per year in pressure from local property taxes
• Build a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy around the Ontario Child Benefit, working to develop indicators and targets to measure and address child poverty - first steps will include supporting dental services for low-income Ontario families
• Support Ontario seniors who want to stay in their own homes with an easy-to-access bask of services, improving the level of care in long-term are homes with 2,000 nurses, build 35,000 long-term care beds over 10 years, and provide financial support for those caring for elderly family members
• Help families with the cost of taking care of an aging parent or relative at home
• Create a new homeowners grant for seniors who have trouble paying their property taxes, helping them stay in their own homes.
• Provide up to $1,100 per child to lower-income families through the Ontario Child Benefit


The campaign commitments of the Ontario NDP are being issued regularly, so check back for updates.
• Provide a Health Tax Rebate of up to $450 for every individual earning less that $80,000 per year
• Keep property taxes down and freeze transit fares
• Immediately raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour

will put children and families first by providing publicly funded Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) services in classrooms for all children with autism, and clear the waiting list for autism services.
We will reduce hospital waits and improve health care:
• certify internationally-trained doctors to practice in Ontario
• expand home care and guarantee a daily minimum of 3 1/2 hours of personal care in long-term care homes to take the pressure off hospitals, ERs and family caregivers
* ensure that every provincial health dollar is invested in public health care - not private hospitals


Ontario PC
• Increase health care investments, pledging $8.5 billion more after fours year in government
• Modernize and build new health care facilities
• Eliminate 3-bed wards and 4-bed wards for long-term residents, and ensure that all long-term care residents have the dignity of an en suite bathroom
• Help people remain in their homes by expanding home care services
• Piloting 7 nurse-led clinics to support Ontarians with chronic disease and to help them maintain greater independence
• Make every family with autistic children on the waiting list for treatment eligible for direct funding
• Ensure that school-age children with autism have access to the supports they need (eg. ABA and IBI)
• Deliver improvements in services for mental health, vulnerable children and families, home care and long-term care for the aged
• Begin the reform of the provincial-municipal relationship in time for Budget 2008
• Phase out the Health Tax