The "Count Us In" Debates

Ontario March of Dimes, CNIB, The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS), and the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA Ontario) are hosting a series of accessible All Candidates Meetings in a few ridings throughout Ontario for the first time ever in a provincial election.

The purpose of these historic meetings is to promote inclusion for all Ontarians to participate in the democratic process.

We are organizing these accessible all candidates meetings to demonstrate a fully accessible meeting complete with interpreters, intervenors, and supports for persons with physical disabilities.

These meetings are open to all members of the public (although space is limited at each event, and on a first-come first-served basis).

The following accessibility services will be provided: sign language interpreters, intervenors, attendant services, and captioning services.

It's all about inclusion.

Don Valley West Accessible All Candidates Meeting
Monday September 17, 2007
7pm to 9pm
CNIB Centre @ 1929 Bayview Avenue in Toronto
(that's just north of Eglinton on Bayview)

Ontario Liberal Party
Kathleen Wynne

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party
Christine Elliot

Ontario New Democratic Party
Mike Kenny

Green Party of Ontario
Adrian Walker

For more information about this Meeting, please contact 416-486-2500, ext. 7685, TTY 416-928-2545, or

Ottawa South Accessible All Candidates Meeting
Tuesday September 25, 2007
7pm to 9pm

R.A. Centre
2451 Riverside Drive
Room B


Green Party of Ontario
John Ford

Liberal Party of Ontario

Ontario NDP
Edelweiss D'Andree

PC Party of Ontario

For more information about this event please contact Phillippe Ramsay at or 613-521-0509, TTY 613-521-0634

Welland Accessible All Candidates Meeting
Thursday October 4, 2007
6pm to 8pm

Brock University
Mackenzie Chown Complex
Room: Pond Inlet

Dr. Paul Hamilton, PhD
Brock University Professor & CH Television Political Commentator

Green Party of Ontario
Mark Grenier

Ontario Liberal Party
John Mastroianni

Ontario NDP
Peter Kormos

PC Party of Ontario
Ron Bodner

For more information about this event please contact Warren at 416-425-3463, ext. 7326, TTY @ 905-984-8916 or