What If?

Today is the last day of political campaigning for the 2007 Ontario Election. Tomorrow is, of course, voting day.

What would happen if no one voted? I mean, absolutely NO ONE. Not a single person casting a single vote anywhere in Ontario.

What then would happen?

Well, it hasn't happened before. But if it did, you might be surprised to learn to controls the helm.

The Lieutenant Governor makes the final choice in such an extraordinary instance. While his is a more ceremonial role, his constitutional role would kick into full gear.

As I say, this has never happened. But what if it did? It very well could if people continued to insist that they're not going to vote.

Personally speaking, you know what really annoys me is that fact that this election has not been the public debating of real, human issues - issues like caregiving, helping the elderly, enhancing ODSP, and disability issues in general. Sure, there have been one or two mentions, but that's NOT enough.

Governance is about doing the things that no one else can or will do.

If we're not prepared to even talk about these issues during the elections that lead up to governing, what has become of us?