Thank You

My friends thank you so much for all of your support for the provincial election section of Warren's World.
Your demonstrated care in the issues makes all the difference. You all are the reason we created this advocacy section for the provincial election in the first place -- to get the issues of people with disabilities out there to the leaders.
The fact that more than 50,000 of you participated in this forum is a sign that these issues matter. The fact that many of you took the time to register an e-vote suggests that caregiving is something that affects all of us.
Hopefully, the elected leaders of Ontario's parties will work toward building upon the caregiver policies we currently have (which are good), and strengthening these to create a world model of a comprehsenvise caregiver strategy (which is where we should be).
And remember, advocacy is about raising awareness and making change. Elections come and go, and elections are only one forum through which to voice our concerns. You can continue to express your support and voice your concerns in this site, because, for us, our work is just getting started.