30 September 2007

A Successful Debate

Yesterday we headed down to Brock University for the accessible all candidates debate for the candidates in the riding of Welland. The candidates are:

John Mastroianni - Ontario Liberal Party
Ron Bodner - Ontario Progressive Conservative Party
Peter Kormos - Ontario New Democratic Party
Mark Grenier - Ontario Green Party

Brock University professor Paul Hamilton did an excellent job of moderating the debate and the candidates responses to audience questions were intriguing and entertaining as the covered a variety of topics.

My friends, a sad reality about this year's provincial election was very apparent. While the candidates were engaging and the audience participation was fantastic, the number of people that attended the debate was lower then expected. As the saying goes " It's the quality, not the quantity."

This reinforced the point I made in a previous blog that people care about the issues but the majority of them are not going to vote because they believe politicians are a bunch of liars and will say anything to get elected.

Nevertheless, the debate was a success and I want to thank everyone who made it possible.

For those of you that are not planning to vote on October 10th, I simply ask that you do not whine like a baby when the smoke clears.

Politicians Do Nothing but Blow Smoke???

At least that is the feedback we are getting as to why the number of votes for the introduction of a caregiver strategy have not been as high as expected. However we have received over 50000 hits since we put up the provincial election website less then two weeks ago! Thank you all for your continued support. Your demonstrated care makes all the difference.
Many people are telling us "why should I vote if politicians do not listen." If you do not vote you give politicians the easy way out and they are left unaccountable for the issues that matter to you.
If you are still wondering if your vote matters, just think back to the 2006 federal election and look at what your votes did for the advancement of national disability legislation. The Prime minister announced it and your votes definitely contributed to that.
Your vote does matter! I strongly encourage all of you to vote for the caregiver strategy and cast your vote on election day. You have more power than you think.

Debate Tonigh

My friends, the day has finally arrived. The accessible all candidates debate we are hosting takes place tonight at Brock university. We expect a huge crowd thanks to the great support that we have received from our co-workers, the community in Welland and Brock University. All of the necessary accommodations are in place and now it is time to hear what the candidates have to say about the issues, in particular disability issues.
I just hope Barney does not show up.