09 September 2007

People Need to Talk More about the Issues People Need to Talk More about the Issues

I was reading the paper this morning and came across some very disturbing information. The TTC is increasing its fare prices. In November, 15 cents will be added to the cost of tickets and tokens, bringing the price to $2.25. The Metropass will cost $109 compared to the current cost of $99.75. My friends I can feel all of our wallets getting a little thinner. OH NO!
This measure is being taken to prevent a cut in service. I find it to be very interesting and disconcerting that no candidate running in the provincial election is talking about accessible transportation as an issue. I simply ask WHY NOT?

The Biggest Part of An Election Is Improving The Public Good

In a previous blog, I told you all the "common sense" reasons of why it is so important to vote. However, the heart of any election is about improving the public good. I would like to share a personal example with you all that I have experienced in my 24 years on planet Earth. Like most of you, I like to go out with a few friends for evening.

When this happens, usually nature calls (big surprise!). While people who do not have a physical disability can just run to the washroom, I have to search for an accessible washroom. An accessible washroom is one that has a grab bar and is big enough for the stall door to close once the wheelchair or scooter is inside. I can really many times where establishments would claim their washroom is accessible but when I get there it is a different story.

Sometimes I would get to the washroom door and the door would be to narrow for me to even enter the washroom and I would to travel THREE blocks to find an accessible washroom, and traveling three blocks when you feel like your bladder is about to explode is not the most comfortable feeling. Other times, the bathroom would have an accessible stall but it would not be big enough for me to close the door behind me once my wheelchair inside.

As a result, I would have to get out of my chair and crawl on my hands and knees in a public washroom as if I was an animal just to close the door behind me and use the washroom which is extremely humiliating but "when you gotta go, you gotta go."

This is one of the reasons why I think elections are so important because politicians are the ones you have the power to make change on a broad scale, change such as implementing more accessible washrooms in establishment across the province. Just imagine if one of your loved ones was in the situation I just described and was not able to get out of his or her chair like I did.

Accessible washrooms benefit everyone including people with disabilities, mothers with babies and elderly people.

The experience I just shared with you is just one example of how voting in an election can improve the public good and I hope it encourages you to go to the polls on election day.

How Do I Vote If I Have A Disability

How Do I Vote If I Have A Disability

Many of you may be wondering "how do I vote if I have a disability?" What are my options available to me if I am deaf, blind or have a physical disability? The link below will direct you to the Elections Ontario website, and it provide you with information on how and where to vote for people with a variety of disabilities. You also have the option of voting in advance before the election on October 10th.


Furthermore, if you are unable to vote yourself, you have the option of voting by proxy. Voting by proxy occurs when someone you trust votes on your behalf. For more information on voting by proxy click on the link below.


My friends', having a disability is NO EXCUSE not to vote. As a wise man once told me "Don't delay vote today."

Election Time Means Voting Time!

Well my friends the 2007 provincial election is coming and October 10th which is election day will be here before you know it. Elections give all Canadians the opportunity to let their voice be heard by voting. Some of you might be saying “Warren, why do you always bug us at election time to vote. It is USELESS!” A lot of you may be thinking the following thoughts:
  • “Elections are a waste of time.”  
  • “Politicians only pretend to care about me and the issues that matter to me so that they can get my vote. The reality is politicians could care less about what matters to me.”
  • “My vote does not matter because I am only one person of millions and the elected politician will not address what matters to me so I am not going to waste my time and vote.”
Whether you believe it or not, the reality is YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Voting has so many benefits. I think that it is important to vote for the following reasons:
·        Many young people probably do not vote because they feel that politicians do not care about youth issues, but by not voting, young people may be sending a message that they do not want to hear from the politicians.
·        When politicians have advanced warning, that young people are not voting, they are more likely to not be concerned with their needs and desires.
·        If you vote, it shows you care, and you get to take part in Canada’s democratic process, which is your right.
·        By voting, you have a say in how society is governed.
·        Your vote counts. When you vote, it only makes our democracy stronger.
·        When you vote, you elect the people that make laws and polices that govern how we live together as a society.
·        Voting for your desired candidate is a great way to advocate for the change you want to occur. If you don’t vote, your voice is silenced.
Most importantly, if you do not vote YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN about policies, laws and legislation because you did not vote.
Whether you are basing your yote on a particular issue or on the polices and values of a particular party, or whatever reason you have to vote, I urge everyone to use the power that they posses and let their voice be heard by voting.
By voting, you chose to be part of the solution and not the problem. On October 10th take a few minutes out of your day and vote. Trust me, you will not regret it!