It's Only a Click Away

By clicking here, you show your support for the introduction of caregiver recognition (including increased funding for home and vehicle modification, and supportive housing for people with disabilities). Show that you care, and your vote goes directly to the emails of each party leader.
Do You Care?

My friends, we are at it again. During the 2006 federal election we asked to show your support for national disability legislation by voting and sending a message to the Prime Minister.
Now you have the opportunity to show your support for the introduction of a caregiver strategy to recognize those that care for others.

To show your support, all you have to do is click on the "I Care" link, follow the instructions and a message will go directly to the leaders of the Green, Liberal, NDP and PC parties indicating your support for the introduction of a caregiver strategy.

Caregivers are vital to the well being of our society because they provide help to those in need, especially seniors and those with disabilities. Without caregivers many people are unable to care for themselves and ultimately experience a poor quality of life.
Caregivers provide help with everyday tasks such as feeding, bathing, changing someone's clothes, cooking and much more.
The care that caregivers provide allow people to enjoy and contribute to society, and remain in their homes and communities. For example, because of caregiving people can get to their jobs and go out socially.
Whether your caregiver is a loved one or worker, caregivers are lifesavers.

Vote and show that you "care".