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September 20
Lindsay, Ontario

Thank you for helping raise this issue. I became a caregiver to my dying father, and had to take significant time from my place of employment. At that time there were no insurance benefits. Today there are some.

But what no one seems to understand is the emotional toll and labour of love that such a situation brings to bear. Under such circumstances no one should have to navigate through the ridiculous bureaucracy to get financial assistance for medical supports and the like.

The fact is, when I suddenly became a caregiver in my father's home I helped save the government significant money because he didn't take up a hospital bed, nursing time and resources, and such.

Becoming a caregiver raised my quality of life, because I was given an opportunity to give back to someone who cared for me.

Message to politicians: Listen up, and do something about this. Tinkering with benefits is simply not enough. You guys are the ones who keep spouting out about the aging population? Well, you had better start putting some planning together for caregivers. And that means for disabled people too.

Thank you, again.
This site gives people a truly needed opportunity.

September 20
Toronto, Ontario

Some years ago, without warning, I took on the role of Caregiver to my dying mother. At that time, I was unable to obtain a leave of absence from my place of employment to care for the needs of my terminally ill mother.

Now there is Passionate Leave, which allows an individual to care for the terminally ill family member without jeopardizing seniority or career potential at the work place. At that time there wasn't any kind of insurance benefits in the event I couldn't assist my mother for any period of time.
We have made some strides, but there still is so much more that needs to be addressed.

A Caregiver Strategy needs to become a reality. Care givers need to be recognized for the significant contributions they make to keep the frail, disabled, elderly and dying individuals out of hospital beds while maintaining their quality of life. As well, there are enormous demands on care givers taking a toll physically, emotionally and financially. No one should have to make a decision between economic stability or doing what is right towards a family member.

Caregivers require comprehensive support
September 26
Barrie, Ontario

I like the comment of that last posting by Patrice. Anyone who can claim to live on ODSP levels and still accomplish what they need to do on a day to day basis must be a miracle creator. People with disabilities need better supports to we can make the contributions we want to make. Keep up the fight, Warren!
September 25
Kakuskasing, Ontario

How is it that only the Green Party recognizes the need to bring ODSP levels at least to the rate of inflation?

Wasn't it the Liberals who championed the Accessibility law, yet they don't recognize that current ODSP levels leave someone living in virtual poverty?

I would like to see the politicians in Queen's Park try to live on current ODSP levels. For someone with a disability to be able to do so means that we're probably the most resourceful bunch of Canadians you will ever find.