Dear Friends:

It was almost two years ago that we introduced you to the March of Dimes Advocacy Project, Warren's World.

Our goal at that time was to raise awareness of disability issues during the federal election, and have candidates commit to introducing national disability legislation.

In fact, we encouraged people to send an e-vote to the Prime Minister to show their support.

Well, nearly two years later, I am pleased to let all of you know that your efforts and your votes are making a difference. Visit the main section of the Warren's World site to read more about your impact on national public policy.

The voice of people can make a difference. And that's why we have developed this section of the website to explore and communicate the issues in the Ontario 2007 election. These are issues we passionately care about, and we hope you'll show your support by casting your Ontario election
e-vote in the "I Care" section of this site.

In addition, we offer as much comprehensive information and resources as possible about this election, including voter information, details about all candidate debates and a feedback section for you to express your thoughts on the issues.

I truly hope you find our Ontario Election Coverage section of the website useful.

And please remember, Election Day is October 10. Please get out there and make your vote count.

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